• Know your Customer

  • Strategize your Marketing Mix

  • Competitors Matrix

  • Identify your Market


  • Account Intelligence

  • Market Intelligence

  • Custom Research Reports

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Research using Harnessing technology and data


  • Analytics and Predictive Modeling 

  • Business Intelligence

  • Cloud-Based Machine Learning for Predictive Analysis

  • Social Network Analysis using AI 

  • Big Data for Market Research

Market Research Methodology

Industry Experts employs the proprietary market research techniques which include both the primary and secondary data collection methods for developing unique data sets and research material. The company collects the data from multiple reliable sources to maintain the high level of accuracy and consistency.

The sources of information includes the following,

Primary Sources

  • Online Surveys

  • Customized Questionnaires

  • Tele Interviews with key decision makers

Secondary Sources

  • Government Statistical Databases(Sec.Gov and Other Sites)

  • Company Websites/Annual Reports

  • Trade Publications

  • Online Databases

  • Published Research Reports

  • Whitepapers

  • Press Releases of Key Market Players

  • Analyst Reports

  • Market Data Analysis and Validation


Our Data analytics team builts up the various market forecast models by employing the top-bottom, estimating the size of the market, and distributing among the geographic and/or product segments.

The sources and final results of the research are validated in several ways by bench-marking with outside sources such as industry statistics, government databases, opinions of industry experts or key decision makers and the company level averages.